He Who Dares Wins

Food Fight

The Ashville Downs 80th anniversary block party is interrupted when local business owner John Hensley approaches Old Man Wilson with a problem: The Fratelli mob family has kidnapped his daughter and is holding her hostage until he coughs up his annual protection payment. He claims there’s no way he can dig up the scratch they’re demanding, but offers cash and a debt to the old merc and whoever he can rope into helping him if they will just get his little girl back.

He pings Alf, Kris, and Mary (three locals he thinks might have the skills he needs), and a street youth called Mickey and invites them up to his apartment where he lays out the deal: they go hit up the local McHugh’s and shake down Vic Fratelli for the whereabouts of Moxie Hensley. The reward? A bit of cash, a favor owed, and the warm fuzzies for a good deed done.


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